Four Simple Styles for the 4th of July


Backyard barbecues, yard games, great food, cold drinks, friends and family gathered together, and of course everyone’s favorite – the fireworks. Independence Day is right around the corner, awkwardly falling on a Wednesday, but worry not – we have simple outfit inspiration that can get you to your parties on time and home again before you’ve got to go to work Thursday morning!

We’re starting off with Keryn’s four outfits which were each inspired by: all-day comfort. This is obviously an important aspect of fashion while you’re pregnant, but even if you’re not, do you really want to wear that body-suit for hours upon hours in the July heat? Not to mention the food that is literally waiting to be eaten and enjoyed. Comfortable attire is really for the food, but it’s equally important that you are comfortable enough to enjoy the day ahead of you.


 My first outfit is as simple as it gets: a wrap dress with slip-on sandals.



If you’re thinking to yourself “Ok, that’s cute, but I’m not pregnant,” don’t worry. This isn’t a maternity dress! I couldn’t pass the dress up, pregnant or not, so I bought it a size larger than I would if I didn’t have this growing belly. For the record, I’m glad I do (have a growing belly). This red polka-dot wrap dress is so comfortable and the fabric is so light-weight that it would be hard to over-heat in it! Although, that is one note to take if you’d like to purchase this dress: buy a slip or some shape-wear shorts to go underneath of it. If you’re totally celebrating freedom this July, do what ya wanna do.

Lastly, this dress checks off two of the color boxes for the holiday. If you’d like to add some blue, I’d do it with a pair of earrings; tassels would look so cute!


Find this dress here on H&M.

I got my sandals at Gabes, but here are similar pairs from Forever 21 and Target. Better hurry, it looks like this style is in demand!

This outfit is definitely for the party-goer that is not expecting to partake in bean-bag races. You’re here to catch up with friends and family you haven’t seen in awhile, drink some refreshing beverages, and take some very Instagram worthy photos while doing both. If you’re partying into the night, bring a relaxed change of clothes. You’ve already impressed everyone all day and when those fireworks start going off, your dress is no longer what your aunts are “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” over.


I’ll be honest, my second outfit would look better on someone who wasn’t 6 months pregnant, but what says Happy Independence Day better than an eagle imprinted with the American Flag? Plus, it’s on an off-the-shoulder white t-shirt.


This shirt is by ‘Envy and Ivory’ which doesn’t seem to be a clothing brand any longer. If you can find them, leave a comment! The good news is: there is not a shortage of patriotic shirts for women. Google ‘4th of July shirts for women’ and you will have plenty of options (some better than others).

My shorts are maternity, but the material is more important than the style. They are made of Lyocell AKA so dang comfortable. It’s an eco-friendly fabric that is super light-weight, but not transparent. To read more about Lyocell, click here. I purchased these from H&M in May and it looks like they’ve either sold-out or discontinued this exact pair, but I found a bunch of other H&M clothing options made with the same fabric.

I recommend a breathable pair of shorts and a shirt to match for the woman who likes being outdoors and wants to play some yard games, but doesn’t want her outfit sticking to her skin. I’m wearing the same slip-on sandals as before, but I can definitely see them being slipped off by the end of the night. If you’re going to a party and you’re looking forward to beating your significant other in as many yard games as possible, wear something similar to this and have a blast!


No shame. Whether you’re meeting your boyfriend’s extended family for the first time, or you’re single and looking for someone outside of a dating app – I understand. Or, maybe you’re happily married, carrying a child, and really just want to look good – I definitely understand. There is nothing wrong with being the attendee who shows up with a dessert that is equally as delightful as your outfit. You know, the dessert that nobody wants to cut into because it looks so good. It’s the outfit that confuses others, but all they can do is compliment. You could also be the hostess of the party and you’ve already put in so much work that you’re ready to spend the day taking it easy and enjoying your guests. Whatever the reason is, no shame.


Other than my shoes, this entire outfit is from H&M. The shoes are TOMs and if you’re not wanting to come across as “where did this girl just come from, church?” then pair a skirt with yard-friendly shoes. Now you’re the girl who may have just come from church, but you brought a change of shoes. As far as patriotic or red, white, and blue goes… wear whatever colors you want! It’s finally summertime and we don’t have all year to wear bright floral tops.

The tank-top can be found here and there’s more good news: it’s not maternity! Once again, I sized up for the purchase. While you’re at it, buy the lemon tank-top, you won’t regret it. This is another extremely light weight material. I did purchase bandeaus because it’s the type of tank-top that is baggy at the armpits, but I expected that because I sized up. It could be different for your correct size. I bought the skirt so long ago, but I found one similar. This is another article that is not maternity and I obviously wouldn’t wear it this high over my waist otherwise. I’d still tuck in the tank top and wear the skirt just over my hips, likely paired with a narrow belt.

If you’re looking forward to chatting, relaxing, and leaving (or ending) the party early get your ensemble ready with bright colors, light-weight fabric, and shoes that you can comfortably socialize in.


This one is for the mama’s out there. As if our body stretching, bloating, and cramping isn’t awkward enough – let’s throw in uncomfortably hot weather and way more people than we’d like to be around. If you’ve invited me to your party, the food had better be inside. If it’s not inside, I will happily make my plate and go take a seat on your couch. I’m here to eat and stay cool and everyone knows it.


Oh, and I threw in a red lip to make my party goals seem a little classier than they  actually are. In all seriousness there is nothing wrong with leaving it so simple, pregnant or not, that you show up to the cook-out in blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a red lip. Actually, this was the outfit I liked the most, not even for comfort reasons, but it just felt so “me”. I think if you gather nothing else from this post, gather this… wear what makes you feel like you. If you’re none of the women above, tell us what style you are planning to wear! If you’re a little bit of each and have no idea what to wear, get your options ready and wear what makes you look in the mirror and smile when the day comes.


Okay, okay, some quick details. My jeans are from (drum-roll, please) H&M. The ones I linked are not my exact pair, but I’d buy those too. H&M’s MAMA line seems to sell out of articles quickly, so I advise the expectant mother to act fast if you really like what you see. When it comes to sizing and quality, the MAMA line is by far superior than the regular clothing. I highly recommend! My shirt is from Target, it comes in 5 colors, and it has a pocket. Yay! I didn’t wear shoes because I’d rather be pregnant and barefoot. If I did wear shoes, I’d wear my sandals that look like this.


I hope you enjoyed these four outfits for the 4th of July! Leave a comment below and let me know which style you’re thinking of rocking this year! As for me, it’s my first 4th in two-years not being at summer camp with the church youth group that my husband and I led. I’m definitely going to miss it, but from what I hear, my sister-in-law and her hubby are renting an 18′ inflatable water slide, buying a bushel of crabs, and bringing my two nieces that I adore to the farm! I think I’ll manage to have a good time. As far as my outfit goes, it’s athletic shorts and a t-shirt for me.

If you’re craving more inspiration, look here!


Thanks for reading! I hope you have a blessed and safe holiday.


A special thanks to my amazingly handsome photographer who made me laugh the entire time, my husband Chris. I love you!



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