One Day at a Time

“One day at a time” unintentionally became my way of living at least 7-years ago. When I try to think back it seems like it’s been as long as I can remember. I’ve always considered it a good thing that I can easily and truly live one day at a time. I remember when Chris was trying to date me and he’d reach out to make plans even three days in advance and I could never commit. Maybe I was playing hard to get, but my inability to plan was that serious. There were times in my life that I couldn’t get myself to realistically consider what Friday would be like if it were only Monday. Friday didn’t exist.

Some times this way of life has been a blessing and I have to admit at times it’s been a curse. I can get careless pretty quickly because I’m able to move on from situations, people, and emotions without it affecting me all too much. I can rearrange, regather, and recenter and move forward without a foot in the past. I’ve definitely improved in this area (thanks to my husband) and I’ve learned that I can’t really move into the next stage of life without actually dealing with what was once there. Any way, I say all of this to help you understand where I’m at right now with this whole blog/website/Instagram thing.

I’ve been pressed to start a blog for the past five or so years. Whenever I’ve started the blog journey I have a few great posts and a million ideas. I have the best of intentions. I have true desires and feelings for people of the world. I really believe I can share with others to help enrich hope and joy into their lives. Then comes “planning”… I’ve read the “blogs to business” e-books, I follow plenty of lifestyle bloggers who post flawless photos of themselves laughing over spilled cereal boxes; I admire them both. I’ve sat down to write, plan, and invest financially and emotionally into my vision. Yet, I have four blog posts that are sitting in my drafts (two of which are completely finished) and at least fifteen others that are swirling around in my head. I texted my sister the other day and told her I was so overwhelmed at the amount of content I could post that I felt paralyzed. She told me to blog about it. I didn’t realize I was actually doing what she told me until right now. Thanks, Danielle!

It was Saturday night as I laid down to fall asleep when the daunting reminder of “another day gone by and no new blog post” came to my mind. I spend a lot of time praying about this form of communication (writing) as I firmly believe it’s a calling in my life. The Holy Spirit dawned on me that I can’t bring myself to publish anything I’ve written because I’m so focused on myself. Not selfishly, but in the sense of trying to fit this ‘lifestyle blogger’ mold. This vision I’m trying to establish has been in my heart for many years, yet my heart is the last place I’ve been searching when it comes to what to post, what to say, and who to reach. This vision isn’t just about me. The foundation of this isn’t what I wear or the make-up routine I prefer. It’s not about the smoothies I make or the rooms in my house. There are plenty of those bloggers out there, but right now, it’s not me.

This blog’s foundation is about who God is and what He’s done in my life to radically change everything inside of me.

My social media presence is meant to lead others and be a testament that young girls (females of any age, really) can go through harsh life events and still find the healing that leads them to discover the truest sense-of-self they’ll ever know. It’s for the girl who doesn’t have it all together, for the girl who is addicted to a reckless lifestyle, for the girl who has a beautiful heart that is being destroyed by her own hands, it’s for the girl who was raised to know better, but worldly praise is so much easier to gain. That girl was once me. I’m now a woman who adores and respects herself endlessly. I am blessed to be in a God-fearing, humble, and fun marriage with an extremely loving man. I wake up without burdens of my past and I look to my future with faith. I’ve learned so much about myself and God’s forgiveness in the past four-years and I refuse to let it be truth that only changed my life; it can change your life too.

This vision isn’t easier than posting recipes, outfits, and decor. This vision is going to showcase real events lived out by real people. The stories of my past don’t start in pretty pastures holding dandelions or shopping malls sipping on Starbucks, but they all end in the presence of our Heavenly Father where I have been continually humbled and in awe of His grace, mercy, and love.

All of my posts won’t be my autobiography, but if I don’t start here then I don’t know where else to go. As I take this one day at a time and ask God to help me search my heart to share His word, I believe the ‘lifestyle’ posts will naturally follow. Not every moment is meant to be a teaching moment. I want to share my gifts and my every day life with you just as much as I want to share my testimony. I am so looking forward to finally building this safe place of healing, living, and fulfillment. This is the foundation of what I’m meant to share with you.

So then the name: Anne Weyls. Jessie and I talked yesterday evening and I sent her this blog post along with an email detailing why I feel the way that I do and how I am so thankful for her, but I don’t know exactly what this means for “Anne Weyls.” For those of you that haven’t been following, Jessie is my sister-in-law and she’s the Weyls to “Anne Weyls.” I asked her to come alongside of me in late 2017 to launch a new face for “eatpraydesign” in 2018. We did just that, but here I am lost once again. I told her I was upset that I didn’t believe in myself with eatpraydesign and I was finding myself coming to the same place with Anne Weyls.

Her response: “I think you need to do whatever is in your heart. I’ll support you regardless of whether or not I’m involved.”


To be clear, none of what I’m rethinking has to do with Jessie in any way, shape, or form. She has given me the time, energy, and support that I needed to keep moving in 2017. She understood what I thought my vision was and happily joined beside of me to push me along and now she is happily telling me that her support is still there even if she’s not involved. I truly hope you all meet someone like her! If you have a friend who has a dream, please support them. Take the time to listen to them, bring new ideas to the table, and to put it plainly – do what they ask of you. Jessie has taught me so much about what true friendship looks like and her selfless time with me thus far is yet another example.

For now, I’ll stick with the name because I’m not one to rush a decision. The website will be changing one day at a time. Thank you all so much for letting me share my heart.

I know it’s only Monday, but will you follow along until Friday? (or for as long as this thing lasts Smiley)




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Young, married, hopeful & happy! I'm a simple soul with a desire to enrich other's lives with love and dedication, mostly using my own personal experiences to teach from.

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