January 19th, 2021

I wish a month away from Instagram gave me some kind of epiphany, but I spent most of it trying not to barf up my meals or lying down on the couch after a few hours of activity – first trimester, am I right? In just two weeks I’ll be entering that second trimester bliss and let me just tell ya, I am praying it is bliss and not a curveball. After last year ended and this one has begun, nobody needs more of those.

We have an at-home doppler we’ve borrowed from Chris’ mom and hearing our sweet little one’s heartbeat is such a joyful noise. I likely won’t go to our midwife until sometime in February or even March. God-willing I’ll only get one ultrasound in late March/early April for the 20-week scan and gender reveal! Yay!

What I have accomplished in the past month is implementing morning schoolwork with Lewis. I figured better to get the homeschooling started pre-newborn than when I’m juggling a toddler and a baby. Lewis has been doing great with it. We do three to four two-sided worksheets – very preschool oriented. Counting, connecting dots, coloring, and learning letters. It’s been wonderful to sit down and see his little mind at work. He’s a bit ADD at times – but no worries, I know it’s because he’s a 2-year-old and not a malfunctioning human so I won’t be bringing him to a doctor to have him prescribed with medication anytime soon. 😉

We did get most all of our electronics moved into the basement and what made this even more feasible was we were blessed with a brand new sectional for the area! New to us, any way. Free from moving relatives.. funny how things come into place like that. All we have upstairs is one television and the Apple TV.. which I could live without. Chris and I rarely sit down to watch anything together as Lewis does not nap and by the time he’s in bed for the night, momma ain’t far behind him. I’ve been so tired… the comparison between first pregnancy and second pregnancy with a toddler is stark and hilarious! I remember staying up all night with Lewis in my belly and then getting up to go to work every day! Now I’m basically falling asleep by 7pm each night after a normal day.

Our journey to minimalism within our home comes at a time where everything on the outside seems so loud. Between being conditioned to not trust our own ability to know whether we’re sick or healthy to the government all but imploding and censorship operating a bit like communism, I’ve never known a better time to quiet the walls within. We’ve got a long way to go, but I’ve already got a plan drawn up with our closest friends to come over for drinks and pizza and have a huge clean-up day. The only rule is couples can’t be working in the same area. Our friends don’t know about it yet, but hopefully they all say yes. I’m going to use the pregnant woman sympathy card and wait until the weather is prime out here on the farm. Bonfire, burning trash, free food, come on now!

The other new and exciting thing is I planned and executed (booking) a girl’s weekend for March! I am so excited to get away from the hustle of mom life, relax in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere, and sip ice water in a hot tub. It’s felt really sweet to have this opportunity because the ladies that will be going are each from different times of my life – yet here I am at (nearly) 28-years-old with them all. I am very thankful that the Lord blesses me with relationships that are long-standing and can co-mingle. After a long season of quiet and little to no relationships in my life, I am in a season of blossoming and nurturing! Friendships are such a blessing.

I have hopped on Instagram here and there to watch a few people’s stories. They wouldn’t know because they aren’t my friends in *real life* but they post good information. I still haven’t watched or read mainstream media since about April 2020. I find that brings me peace in and of itself. I’m looking to order a daily devotional of some sort as I definitely need to be reading my Bible more often. Being on the worship team at church has been good in so many ways. I find that practicing keyboard usually turns into me freely playing and worshiping and there’s nothing much sweeter than music sung and played unto the Lord. I find the songs of my heart have so much to say to Him.

Well, that’s about it for now. I figure I’ll try and write more often with no “purpose” and just label my posts as the date. I’ll utilize Instagram as a way to share that I’ve posted, but won’t be on it for anything else. Also, I’ve updated my ‘About Me’ so if you’ve got the time, feel free to check that out! If I can pray for you in any way be sure to write me in the contact area or text me if you’ve got my number! Communication is vital at a time as such so please do not feel like any prayer request is too small.

Much love and may God shine His face upon you!


Published by Keryn

Young, married, hopeful & happy! I'm a simple soul with a desire to enrich other's lives with love and dedication, mostly using my own personal experiences to teach from.

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