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Hi there! I’m Keryn – pronounced like the ever-beloved name “Karen.” My ‘about me’ used to be filled with surfacey facts like how old I am or how long I’ve been married. The more I’ve taken time to fully embrace who I am, I realize those details don’t quite assist with anyone actually getting to know me.

So, let’s go deeper. I think first and foremost to know me is to know my love for Jesus. I stand for what I believe is Biblical and sound. I do not live to blend in with the world or bow to it’s fallen nature, rather, I do my best to live outside of that and be a light in the darkness. Most people read that and believe it is a nod to ‘perfectionism’ which couldn’t be further from the truth. My life given unto the Lord means I recognize how empty I am without Him. I am imperfect, full of mistakes and regrets and remorse, but because God redeems us – I am to live redeemed in His name’s sake and so I do as best as I can.

Secondly to know me is to know my love for others! I am a lover by nature and have always had a strong intuition and ability to relate with others, even if our walks of life look completely different. I don’t try to live and commune with those who look like me, think like me, etc. I live for sharing the experiences of others and I strive to ensure my home is one that welcomes and nurtures anyone who may find themselves here. Just as I want my home to welcome all, I first learned to open my heart in that way. I can have a conversation with anyone, anywhere, and most all of the time I am the initiator. I will share my brokenness as willingly as I share my successes and I thoroughly believe being an open book draws the right people into my life and vice versa.

Lastly, to really really know me, which at this point in my life I would say perhaps only my husband does (or those who have seen my Jerri persona on Snapchat) is to know my goofiness and hyper-active side. I was home-schooled for a chunk of my childhood and let’s just be honest people, home-schooled kids can be weird. I definitely got that weirdness. I’m also pretty sure I could be a comedian, so, that’s a last ditch effort if all else fails. The other side of my energy is found in deep trauma I’ve experienced throughout my young life. I am awkward and I mumble quite frequently. While I can write eloquent and well-thought out paragraphs, I genuinely need to work on my speaking skills. I’ve always lacked confidence to assert myself vocally. I also struggle with feeling worthy; worthy of anything. Yet, I do not self-loathe or feel pitiful. It’s a strange place, it just feels empty. I know there is still more for me to uncover and learn about myself and that’s what keeps me going each day. I love this life and I am thankful to be alive.

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