March 9, 2021

A season of healing and shedding old skin. We are in the season of Lent! It is my first time participating in the act of forgoing “something” in a small show of honoring Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice. I gave up social media as it would be that I somehow ended up with an account on basicallyContinue reading “March 9, 2021”

January 19th, 2021

I wish a month away from Instagram gave me some kind of epiphany, but I spent most of it trying not to barf up my meals or lying down on the couch after a few hours of activity – first trimester, am I right? In just two weeks I’ll be entering that second trimester blissContinue reading “January 19th, 2021”

my transformation in less than a year

I’m trying a new thing. A new old thing.. I’m going to “just write.” This isn’t a polished blog post from an expert of any sort. This is me writing, sort of like a journal entry (think ‘Xanga’ circa 2000). For nobody in particular, but if you can glean from my openness to sharing –Continue reading “my transformation in less than a year”

My Struggle is My Child’s Salvation

The way he says “mammm-ma” when he’s sleepy with his little feet pitter-pattering behind me. The way he energetically yells “DAH-DA” in his most roaring voice as he jumps into Chris’ arms. He’s quick to share, surprises me by putting my shoes away for me after I take them off, or puts his dirty PJsContinue reading “My Struggle is My Child’s Salvation”