What I’ve Learned

Lewis will be 10-months-old in just five days! The number one comment I’ve heard from seasoned parents is “time flies” and I concur that not only does time fly, but this is one of the only truths that you’re going to hear repeatedly once you have a kid. Everything else is more unique to your child/circumstances, but time passing by so quickly… that pertains to everyone! With Lewie’s first birthday around the corner, I wanted to share the most important “truths” I’ve personally learned thus far.

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The Dance

My destiny. She’s so close, I physically feel the comfort and security that she provides with only her presence. I feel it as the breeze picks up my long hair and moves it from one shoulder to the other. As I close my eyes and let my heart beat, only reveling in my existence for a moment, I feel her telling me “I’m right beside of you.”

When I open my eyes, doubt meets me and there he stands with his hand reached out.

“May I have this dance?”

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When Negativity Becomes as Mindless as Netflix

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TJ Maxx Shopping Spree!

Hey y’all! I was going to name this “TJ Maxx Haul,” but I don’t want to give the impression that I shop like this all of the time. There will be no other shopping trips like this for awhile! Pre-baby, I had about three BIG hauls a year from HM, but obviously I’ve had to prioritize a bit! With that being said, let’s get started!

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