About Me

Heeeey y’all! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I figured I’d kick things off with a post about none other than myself. Since I’ll be the author of most all content, I think it’s important that you get to know me and my vision for Cordially, Keryn.

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I like, I love, I dislike

From Instagram:


“When you’re awake at 4am and the chorus from “Get Low” by @liljon starts to plague your mind which you then combat with “Redeemer” by @nicolecmullenofficial – it’s time to get out of bed and exercise your thoughts. I can’t make this up!

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One Day at a Time

“One day at a time” unintentionally became my way of living at least 7-years ago. When I try to think back it seems like it’s been as long as I can remember. I’ve always considered it a good thing that I can easily and truly live one day at a time. I remember when Chris was trying to date me and he’d reach out to make plans even three days in advance and I could never commit. Maybe I was playing hard to get, but my inability to plan was that serious. There were times in my life that I couldn’t get myself to realistically consider what Friday would be like if it were only Monday. Friday didn’t exist.

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