Four Simple Styles for the 4th of July


Backyard barbecues, yard games, great food, cold drinks, friends and family gathered together, and of course everyone’s favorite – the fireworks. Independence Day is right around the corner, awkwardly falling on a Wednesday, but worry not – we have simple outfit inspiration that can get you to your parties on time and home again before you’ve got to go to work Thursday morning!

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Today’s Burden

Receiving each day as new can be tough. Whether it’s based on the fact that yesterday was a wonderful day, or maybe it was a day you’d like to forget, there’s something in us that naturally wants to keep a foot in the past. It’s that hoarding spirit of distrust, that if we just hold on – we’ll see it was worth it. We’ll prove it. But sometimes (most times), that just isn’t the case.

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A Day to be Thankful…

Life throws its fastballs, it comes with its pitfalls – but every day is surrounded in great joy and blessings. The question is, are we in line ready to receive our blessings? If there’s one thing the world today could collectively agree on, it might be that nobody sees a long line and says “oh boy! let’s jump in!” I don’t believe it’s as much as a pride issue as it is simple impatience.

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